ParkView, all done... pretty much

About 8 months ago we started with a house that looked like this. I will be the first to admit that we underestimated the time and dedication needed to complete this transformation, but I am fortunate to say we arrived on budget (give or take a little). 

We still have a handful of minor details to finish, but I was so excited to share that I couldn't wait. Oh yeah, I am also jetting off with my littlest partner, Wren, for a week of sun and Disney to thank her for all her patience and endless good behavior on our 10 million Ikea runs. So I wanted to get this post done for you.

 photo _MG_0418_zpscd977c7b.jpg

Here it is as of Monday! We just had the new cement walkway poured and the porch is nearly finished. We still have some minor cleanup and landscaping, but it is officially for sale now.
 photo _MG_5073_zpsb6c786b1.jpg

A last minute addition was some stone work on the porch and a railing. White vinyl trim is still being wrapped on the posts.
 photo _MG_5075_zps0e7c0bb7.jpg
Come on in! 
 photo _MG_5024_zps98997bbc.jpg 
Right off the front entry is a corridor that you can go down... or turn right to head into the living/dining room.
 photo _MG_5025_zps6d4e12e1.jpg 

Despite 1:00 am clean up sessions multiple nights last week, I am going to call in a cleaning crew to get it sparkly.
 photo _MG_5027_zps175c5099.jpg

Back in the hall way if you look left you would have seen this just before the drywall went up. We changed the layout to a laundry and powder room but this was originally an open galley kitchen.
inthefunlane photo inthefunlane-68.jpg

Now you see this. On the end is the laundry, then the hall turns right into the new family room/kitchen. The pocket door on the right is the main floor bathroom. 
 photo _MG_5028_zps7bbc17ee.jpg 

It still needs it's accessories hung, but it is a nice little powder room.
 photo _MG_5040_zps50f63a05.jpg 

The laundry room is one of my favorite rooms in the house. 

 photo _MG_5047_zpsb51d25ec.jpg 

Lots of storage and the folding doors mean you don't lose floor space in the room itself (great if you tackle mountains of laundry like me... I only get to mine once or twice a month at this point).
 photo _MG_5045_zpsadf81274.jpg

At the very end of that twisty hallway is the family room/kitchen. I neglected to get a far out shot like this now that it's done, but I promise the family room still exists.
 photo _MG_0419_zpsa67398b9.jpg

And so does a pretty new kitchen! Our crown molding is being installed tomorrow and then she is done!
 photo _MG_5055_zpsd9812221.jpg

I did not decide to stage this house like  I did at Lexington, but I couldn't help myself when it came to the kitchen! I want people to know what I envisioned for it when they walk through.
 photo _MG_5064_zps18fdcf63.jpg 
Again, I went with the Ikea domsjo sink and a new faucet they have, as well as their dishwasher with integrated cabinet door panels (just to the right of the sink). I think it is one of the coolest things about the kitchen!
 photo _MG_5056_zps0c66a0cd.jpg

This clearance $109 light from Restoration Hardware is another of my favorite things. It is very easy to pivot and swivel as needed.

And my light greyish/green island is the perfect hint of color/texture for in here.
 photo _MG_5068_zpsb6ed9ad7.jpg

Now let's make our way back to the hall from the front door. Because that is where you will find our side entrance from the back drive way. It started like this.
inthefunlane photo inthefunlane-66.jpg
It is a lot brighter and more functional now.
 photo _MG_5033_zpse59dc1ae.jpg 

The original cement ledge was too high to install a closet, but I think this may be more functional for families really.
 photo _MG_5030_zps096ceb92.jpg 
Looking in.
 photo _MG_5031_zps929cd5e6.jpg 
Just off the mudroom is a small staircase that leads up to another family room or den.
 photo _MG_5035_zpsb58f8888.jpg 

This is once of the biggest rooms in the house and would make an amazing office or playroom. photo _MG_5037_zpsbbe799f8.jpg  photo _MG_5038_zps9a6b27b6.jpg

Let's go upstairs!

The upstairs is so much brighter with all our enlarged and lowered windows.

 photo _MG_5012_zpsa51956ea.jpg 
I love the simplicity of a school house light and great windows.
 photo _MG_5022_zps4bacab83.jpg
I also love that while it is an old house, we have lots of storage as each closet is deep enough to have a full door. I also like this because not so much wall is used up by folding doors when it comes to furniture placement.
 photo _MG_5021_zps7c6e481a.jpg 
The main bath upstairs is simple in warms shades of grey and white.
 photo _MG_5008_zps3d429429.jpg 

I assumed it would be the kids' bath so I chose a fun round mirror and added a telescopic mini mirror to offset so many square details.
 photo _MG_5009_zpscaac2754.jpg 
At the front of the house is the master.
 photo _MG_5011_zps95ee42bb.jpg 

And it has the fourth bedroom-turned-ensuite all to itself. I love the hotel vibe it has. And there is still tons of floor space for more storage or laundry hampers.
 photo _MG_5015_zps171b1e5b.jpg 

The glass is still waiting for install. 
 photo _MG_5018_zps64d3a8ea.jpg 
Off the ensuite is a nice long closet with tons of natural light. Closet hardware is being installed this week!
 photo _MG_5016_zpsdc5f787a.jpg 
And finally, here is the third and final bedroom.
 photo _MG_5019_zps27d8f701.jpg

There are so many little details and other things I will show you when I get back (like our rear deck and garage), but I am just so thrilled with how things turned out. I hope you like it! 

Thanks so much for all your sweet, encouraging words over the past few months on this journey. TRUST ME, the road felt pretty bumpy at times. But I know some lovely family will appreciate all the things you just saw and more (like the all new wiring, plumbing, furnace and ducts, insulation, and on and on) that you don't often see in old neighborhoods like this one. Which makes all the heartache and hard work worth it.

THANK YOU AGAIN!! I am so thankful to have so many people to share this work and my dreams with.