ParkView: The final week

We are in the final week over at ParkView! I know I may have said that last week, but we had a few little hiccups with scheduling and as anyone who renovates knows, it really is a domino effect. So one thing bumped another, which bumped another and now we are pushing to the finish line. I am listing the house for sale this Saturday so things HAVE to be done. 

I only brought my camera along a handful of times but here is some progress that happened last week.

Our island counter is in place and looking beautiful!!

 photo _MG_4982_zpse0a76390.jpg 

You may remember it from a string of photos as we progressed, a la this shot from January. It started as a cast off piece of rubbish we found in the basement. All along various trades have offered to throw it in my garbage bin for me but I've held on tight to it. It had paint, drywall and lord knows what else crusted to it even before I got my hands on it. But with some sanding and expert trimming by my finisher it is PERFECT.

To add some character once it was sanded I bought some Boos Block board cream from William Sonoma. 
 photo _MG_4979_zps9e123d47.jpg 

I am a big Boos Block lover. My own board was actually never treated before either but I'm going to give it a go here at home too after seeing how pretty the island turned out.

The left is after only a few minutes and the right is still untreated.
 photo _MG_4984_zps096639d5.jpg 

I rubbed it all in by hand then let it sit for a couple days to really absorb and moisturize this old block.

(I'll give you a sneak peek at the end of this post).
 photo _MG_4985_zpsc1330792.jpg 

Another spot that is like night and day is the mud room. I can hardly remember it looking so shabby as this, but here is how it looked not all that long ago:

And all painted up it looks like this!
 photo _MG_4986_zps41a16ffe.jpg 

I love how the cubby and step turned out!
 photo _MG_4988_zpsf717cf3f.jpg 
From the doorway looking in. 
 photo _MG_4990_zpscb2474d6.jpg 

Also painted up and pretty are the new railings. My painters are miracle workers, taking the time to do more prep than painting so they could spray all my trim, doors and railings instead of brushing. As someone with a little experience in that area I know how much more time that takes, but it is well worth the effort. 
 photo _MG_4993_zps8bc1e6e9.jpg 
The plumbers also popped by last week! 
 photo _MG_4996_zps9ed5edce.jpg 

I`ll give you the run down on all the details in my final reveal, but these Price Pfister faucets are definitely a detail that was not a usual `holly`purchase, but they tie in well. 
 photo _MG_5001_zpscf24394c.jpg 

And while it may be a grainy-camera phone photo, I just had to share my waxed butcher block counter and painted island! I did the grey paint myself as one of my own little projects. I thought it would be cool to have the white wood doors/drawers and then grey deco panels, or in this case a custom surround. 
 photo photo3_zps3d0d681b.jpg

As you are reading this my carpet is going in and my electricians are installing all the decorative lighting. I am hoping to pop by once more before the final unveiling, but I know this week will be crazy so all I can promise is that I will see you when I see you!!

Have a great day.