The yard at ParkView aka how to kill your back

The last time I showed you ParkView it was nearly done! I still have 2 things to cross off my list (new garage door and hanging the powder room mirror) but we pulled all our strength together a couple weekends ago to make the yard a much prettier place.

 photo _MG_5369_zpsecac233c.jpg 

We didn't intend to lay all new sod, but once the new cement walkway was done it was looking a little rough from all the bobcat tracks and tire marks. So Sean, me, my dad and a couple kind fellows joined forces to get it done in a day.
 photo _MG_5371_zpsc7f202e2.jpg 

The next day I made a little row of boxwoods and filled it with cedar chips to finish off the front yard.
 photo _MG_5367_zpse0de23a3.jpg 

Of course, it was a long weekend and when we ran out of sod for the last few feet all the landscaping places were closed. So we still have a little work left back here.
 photo _MG_5378_zps5ecc335f.jpg 
But it is night and day from how it was...
 photo _MG_0415_zps1c40499a.jpg 

To how it is! photo _MG_5379_zps68981bd0.jpg 

One of the best experiences I have during this renovation was in the craziness of the week before Wren and I went on holidays. I was working 16 hour days to get it finished enough to list it for sale, and we easily had 8-12 people on site everyday getting it done. One afternoon I returned to the house after a quick errand and noticed two little pairs of shoes at the front door which I found funny because all the guys were leaving their shoes on unless they went upstairs on the carpet.

When I turned the corner I nearly bumped into two older ladies taking a picture of the kitchen! I assumed they may be neighbors, but they quickly introduced themselves as the daughters of the original home owner. They were raised in this house and their parents lived in Parkview for over 40 years until they sold it in 2000. Their father built the extension where the kitchen and family room are now located with his own 2 hands. Their brother carved his initials and their names in the basement supports. After their mother sold the house it went into disrepair and they have sadly driven past it for the last 13 years watching it fall to pieces, peeking in the windows from time to time. They brought a big box of donuts for all the guys on site that day and were so very happy to see it finally turned into a home again. And I cannot tell you how happy that made me. It was once a home filled with children, stories and memories and I am hoping it will be that again to someone. 

 photo _MG_5370_zps4e36c2ea.jpg

I am working on the source list for everything I can think of for my last Parkview post, but if you have anything specific you want info on please leave me a comment on this post so I know to address it in my wrap up!