Still learning.

My mom and I made our first trip to a Canadian Target this weekend. It was virtually identical to the US stores, with one exception: I didn't have to leave behind anything I wanted!

For things like baskets, frames and pillows it is hard to beat the quality and look at such a great price. I've been sprucing up the living room verrrrrry slowly as part of my 'homecoming' (more on that here). But once in a while you see something you love. Something that inspires you. I've felt that way about the Threshold line at Target for a little while. It is basically Anthropologie-style items at real people prices.

Cute, right?

Of course! It's bright, it's happy, it's fun! I filled my cart. And my sweet mom helped me go back and forth on pillows, throws, accessories for the better part of an hour. I was so excited to get it home and see how much it all popped on my white furniture. 

FAIL. I got it home and while I liked it, I just knew. It wasn't for me. I may like it now, for a little while even, but I know it won't stick. So I am taking it all back. SORRY MOM!

I looked back through pictures I've felt most inspired by and I noticed one thing: not one has a lot of color. 
It doesn't mean I shouldn't add a little color if I feel like it, but I know that $200 in colorful accessories would not be a wise investment in the direction I am trying to go. It was a good reminder for me to look back at these images because I find myself easily led down a different decorating path when I'm not paying attention!

I want the living room to feel sophisticated, cool and yet still very eclectic with a few unexpected touches. 

unknown (if you know please let me know!)

elle decor

Please tell me I'm not the only person who finds it hard to stay on track when decorating!!!