Girls' Getaway

Howdy! It feels like a lifetime since I sat down at a computer, even though it has only been a week (which is a lifetime in my world). I am back to regular life and it feels great to be back in a routine again. A couple weeks away and it seems to make you really appreciate the little things that are a part of sometimes boring daily life. 

You already know that Sean and I had a little getaway, but what I couldn't tell you last week was that it was actually just a pre-holiday to why I was back in Cali again so soon. One of my bestest friends of all time is getting married in just a couple weeks and we were surprising her with a bachelorette weekend extravaganza! A group of 6 of us shared a couple beach-front hotel rooms in Santa Monica and giggled the weekend away.
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It was one of those weekends that was completely full, but in the best, funnest way possible. We started our adventures on a mega-shopping afternoon on the Third Street promenade. Me and the Bride-to-be, besties since grade 8.
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I would estimate that we spent a solid hour or two in Madewell. I could have bought one of everything, and the bride to be nearly did (Just kidding Tom!!!)
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Can we talk about how lovely the Anthro is there? It is two stories and filled with loveliness like I've never imagined.
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I want one of everything in this photo.
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On Friday night we ate at the most amazing restaurant ever called Gjelina. We ordered a huge assortment of plates and all shared so we could get the chance to try one of everything, which was so fun because it felt just like a big family dinner. And it was a great way to get more acquainted with a couple girls I hadn't met before that day. By the end of the night I felt like I was at home with my 5 best friends.

We spend our Saturday on the beach and at the pier.
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And we all tried out tandem biking for the first time! It was sooooo fun, but definitely harder than it looks. 
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We stopped for ice cream and I had to stop at this street fair booth.
( in case you are wondering, my wish did come true)
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We went out for dinner again on Saturday night and then danced the night away to oldies at a nightclub called The Bungalow. It actually just felt like we were hanging out at a super awesome beach house party and we had a blast.

See? Pretty neat!

I've never seen anything like it, everybody there was super fun and friendly.

In fact, I think I could easily move right in to this place.

On Sunday we ate at Coast at Shutters on the Beach and had many laughs discussing our adventures from the night before.

The beautiful bride.
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My newest buddies (plus one who had to leave early and wasn't in the shot)!
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I have to thank all these ladies for making it a weekend to remember. Each and every one of them is sweet, smart, and funny. And I can't wait to see them all again in just a couple weeks on the Big Day!!
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