Mini closet purge

I have been on a mission for the last two weeks to purge any and all unnecessary 'stuff' from the house. I absolutely hate holding on to things for the sake of maybe thinking I will use or need it more down the road. That day never seems to arrive. I have made at least a handful of drop offs at Goodwill with Wren's outgrown baby clothes and toys, odds and ends around the house and 2 giant contractor-sized-garbage bags with shoes and clothes I don't need to keep holding on to.

The mission is faarrrrrr from finished and I think it will be a summer long mission to get to the point we want it to be. But in the meantime I scooped the creme de la creme out of the Goodwill pile to quickly make a small closet sale post. I make a rule of only buying a handful of quality things I LOVE once or twice a year then pairing it with the trendy stuff that is so much more affordable at places like F21. The trendy stuff gets donated, the 'investment pieces' I would rather offer up to you!

As with all my closet sales, all sales are final. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Shipping is already included in the price for any address within Canada and the USA. All items are shipped ground through Canada Post, therefore do not have tracking. Please expect up to 2-3 weeks for delivery in the US due to customs. If there are any defects I do my best to disclose any and everything, but if you have any questions or want further info please email me at prior to purchasing. I will be more than happy to send more photos if needed.

Rebecca Taylor Moroccan maxi dress {Sold}
Size 4.  Retailed last Spring for $395. In perfect condition. I am 5 foot 5 and this dress just skims the tops of my feet. Beautiful blue embroidery
 photo _MG_6088_zps0063b7cf.jpg

 photo _MG_6089_zpsbfecb753.jpg  photo _MG_6090_zpsd8fae9d3.jpg  photo _MG_6091_zpsfd6647f6.jpg

Anna Sui blouse {sold}
Size 8. 100% silk.
 photo _MG_6083_zps9fae30a7.jpg
 photo _MG_6084_zps3e6df30a.jpg
 photo _MG_6085_zps2006fb14.jpg

Theory blouse {$22}
Brand new, never worn, still has tags. HOWEVER, it has two snags on the front right side (near side seam).
Also needs a press after being stored for the winter.
 photo _MG_6108_zps325b6bad.jpg
 photo _MG_6109_zpsf8277055.jpg

Close up of the two snags. I have no idea how to fix these (or if it`s possible) but it only seems to be one single thread causing the issue.
 photo _MG_6110_zpsee7de1a7.jpg

Rebecca Taylor Leopard Dress (sold)
Soft cotton and really comfy. Size small.
 photo _MG_6096_zps297e5b1c.jpg
 photo _MG_6097_zps12e94c5f.jpg
 photo _MG_6098_zpsc0832ce2.jpg

Rebecca Taylor knit and silk dress. (sold)
Empire waist with lovely pinch pleats. Size small. No snags or stains anywhere, but 2 or 3 pleats on the back of the dress need reinforcing. 
 photo _MG_6099_zpsce1123c3.jpg
 photo _MG_6104_zpse106042e.jpg
 photo _MG_6101_zps99dd0a6b.jpg

Close up of pleats on the rear of the dress that need reinforcement.
 photo _MG_6105_zps12e53420.jpg
 photo _MG_6106_zps7cdfb142.jpg

Rebecca Taylor Army Dress $65
Retailed for $295. In perfect condition, only worn once. Size 2 100% silk. Sleeves can be full length if unrolled. Rhinestone button detailing.

 photo _MG_6092_zpsa5fae6cb.jpg
 photo _MG_6093_zpsecbf6a42.jpg
 photo _MG_6094_zps84d20a33.jpg

Vince blouse $37
Cotton silk blend blouse, fully lined as well. Size small.
 photo _MG_6077_zps25716d17.jpg
 photo _MG_6079_zps7f525162.jpg
 photo _MG_6080_zpsd1be1caf.jpg

 photo _MG_6081_zps568559f3.jpg

Rebecca Taylor Tank (sold)
Size 8. 100% silk. There is a little snag on the bottom left side of the rear that I could not get a shot of because it is nearly impossible to see it with the print on the tank. 
 photo _MG_6072_zps94becd16.jpg

 photo _MG_6074_zpsa4c13f65.jpg
 photo _MG_6075_zpsce69d5cc.jpg

Thanks for browsing, and have a great weekend!