Sunshine all around

The past weekend was filled with friends, family and lots of sunshine. The type of summer days we've been waiting for.
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The pools are our second home when it gets this hot.
Born  to splash! Cold water does not keep her from jumping right in. Maybe I'm just getting old, but one toe dip was all I could take. I'm more comfortable holding down the towels.
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 photo _MG_6126_zps616d6d5c.jpg

"Because you should wear boots near water, you know"
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The highlight of Wren's weekend was watching the fireworks with some of our closest friends, mainly because she is obsessed with their pup, Georgia.
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The mosquitoes were vicious, but besides that we had one of those weekends you remember as being the ideal summer weekend.
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Hope your Canada Day was just as relaxed and special.