Pinkalicious Lemonade

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You know all those amazing summer cocktails plastered all over pinterest? I won't be making them. I guess I could find the time to go out and buy the proper liqueur, syrups and garnishes. But let's be honest, 99.9% of my events this summer include a 4 year old guest of honor (and hosting adult-only events like once a year just doesn't warrant stocking up a bar cart).

Also, have I mentioned that I am kind of a fake-Martha? I am all about the final outcome, but getting there will involve any and all shortcuts. Nope, no fresh pie crusts are made in this house.

Or freshly squeezed lemonade. 
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Wren has been wanting to make fresh squeezed lemonade for about a week now. But as a mom I knew the reality would be me making fresh squeezed lemonade, while Wren watched. So we decided to juice up the canned version together.
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I cut strawberries for about 2 minutes...
Wren enjoyed adding them in for about 10. See? win-win.
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She stirred for about as long, taking her creation VERY seriously.
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The outcome was a sweet, refreshing creation (aka lemonade and strawberries) she was super proud of. 
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Dare I say, I am even interested in now coming up with my own semi-homemade creation? Maybe lavender lemonade? Basil-melon lemonade? I am going to get creative and let you know how it goes. 
Have you created any unique summer lemonade combos before I should try?