Friday (and a little giveaway)

I did a little shopping this week while making a return to Indigo. I ordered a candle online that arrived shattered, but discovered that when I went to return instore there was an amazing sale going on!

I scooped up a new candle (hello! $9.50 for the large jar Voluspa candles in Laguna, regular $30) a pair of floral sheers I have been coveting for what seems like ages. They keep popping up in all my favorite instagram feeds and I am tired of wiping goop and sap off my scissors with all the garden trimmings Wren and I have been doing to bring in the house. And I bought my first ever key chain.

 photo _MG_6331_zps935ff1cc.jpg

Yes, you heard right. My FIRST key chain. I always only have a house key and car keys so I just attach the two and call it a day. I thought this little one was so adorable and happy that I finally took the plunge (don't laugh guys!).

I wish I could pull an Oprah and give you the car key too. Sorry, I'm too average and this isn't a highly profitable blog so we'll just settle with the key chain. 
(look at it like I'm saving you a ton of taxes! you're welcome)

I also wish I could buy like 5,000 and give you each one (divide that by 1,000 for how many surprises I have next week though!) but since I was only able to snap up one extra I thought me and one of you could be long distance besties and rock matching key chains. 

How grade 5 of me, right?
 photo _MG_6334_zpsb4fb70d5.jpg 

I just love the simple white leather, gold ring, and adorable stamped lettering.
 photo _MG_6339_zps58744cb4.jpg

If you kinda like it too and want to sign up for best friend status all you have to do is enter here.
I promise, there will be no single-white-female-style stalking on my end!

And because it's Friday, of course I had to share a quick shot of some fun we've been having outside with this beautiful weather. Wren has transformed our sidewalk into the ultimate happy-zone.
 photo _MG_6189_zps6c98f294.jpg 

 photo _MG_6191_zps0be48c7c.jpg

Good luck and happy Weekend!!