Leaning Art

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I made an awesome etsy purchase last month from one of my favorite internet peoples. My efriend Sarah over at Flourish design&style does these awesome and simple custom watercolors for $10 via her etsy shop. When it comes to decorating there is not much quality stuff out there for $10, but I am feeling like it may be one of the best ten dollar bills I've spent because it has spurred on an unexpected twist in our living room.
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Originally I framed her lovely piece in a threshold frame from target and set it on the dresser in the living room.

Then we moved the dresser out for Tom and Alexis to use at their wedding (it makes a perfect bar cart, being metal and all!). 

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Being the crazy decorating-obsessed person I am I couldn't even deal with a minor shake up for a matter of days. Immediately I was playing around and shifting furniture in and out of here from other rooms...

The agony of it all is that is was pointless (duh!! Any sane person could've told me that). But not because it was temporary... 

Because I fell in love with how open the room felt! How airy it was. How gallery-like it was (a stretch, I know). Being a minimalist at heart I struggle because I do fall hard when I love things. And I needed this reminder that sometimes you don't need to add things to make it feel finished, I needed to take something away.
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It feels so right, for right now. In a week or a month I may feel differently. But I think this is a beautiful partnership for me.
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I'm someone who can't commit to things for long and leaning art (ie. no HOLES!!!) may just be my new obsession.
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wingback photo _MG_6349_zpsac680434.jpg

Because I wasn't completely sure that while I loved it it just didn't look unfinished to everyone else I had to do a google search. I'm sure all great designers confirm their choices via google search, no?

But it looks like this may be a pretty awesome thing .

What do you think, unfinished or totally cool?