I have a FAVORITE new accessory (and I want you to have it too)

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Mama's feeling kinda generous with all this Summer-y, warm, happy weather! You probably already know this but I love me some feminine-boho-chic outfits. Specially in the summer. Heck, sometimes I don't even really coordinate. But I kind of dig it.

Back on our first ever 'Mommy and Daddy only trip' I scooped up a cute little set of 3 rings at Forever21 that seemed to merge all my favorite things.

knot rings photo _MG_6522_zpsfbee20ba.jpg

Delicate and feminine?




Is there a heart?


(kind of if you look hard enough)

Do they effortlessly look layered and chic?





I've been rocking in them constantly. Then I hit up the mall a couple weeks ago back here at home and I saw they also had a few sets so I thought I should tear a page out of Oprah's playbook (again... are we seeing a theme with my giveaways of late?) and give a couple of my favorite things away!

knot rings photo _MG_6534_zpsb4c7c6fd.jpg

The best part is that they are super afforable (under $5!).

floral skirt photo _MG_6519_zps91b36dc3.jpg

So I wiped out their last few sets and decided I'd giveaway as many as I could round up! Which turned out to be 5 sets of 3~

knot rings photo _MG_6530_zps22e9d021.jpg

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment (instructions below)! I will be drawing 3 winners from the entries below. And just to keep things spicy I will be posting this giveaway on

my instagram feed

as well and you can repost to win one of the other two sets! Each repost will be another entry, all you have to do is use the hashtag


so I can find your repost and enter your in the draw for the other 2 sets.

(you don't have to do anything back here once you repost and use the correct hashtag)

(and yes, you can enter both for your best chance of winning!)

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heart knot ring photo _MG_6528_zps2c4a886a.jpg

See? Kind of looks like a heart, right?

Good luck and