Sharpie/Wrapping Paper Art

My leaning wall of art is coming along nicely (and by nicely I mean super affordably). I am trying to mix a few types of  'art' here so I want to do different mediums. As of yet I don't have a photograph, which I would like to do on a large scale in this Ikea Odby frame. I LOVE how big this frame is, and the funky curved corners are a good way to differentiate it from the other styles of frames leaning here.

leaning-frames-floor photo _MG_6512_zps48f137cd.jpg 

Until I find just the right shot and get it printed I didn't want to leave the frame sadly vacant!

odby-frame photo _MG_6505_zps144d6698.jpg 

So I literally grabbed a sharpie and some leftover wrapping paper I love (this one is from Rifle Paper Co.)
to do my own custom print. The fact that it cost virtually nothing makes it the perfect temporary (or maybe permanent???) addition to a gallery wall. 

rifle-paper-stripe photo _MG_6497_zps59b0f7e5.jpg 

I love all the cute typography prints in Etsy shops nowadays, but most do not come in this large of a size. Plus, this way you can really give some personal meaning to whatever words or phrase you do. 

Mine is a good representation of how my sassy side and Sean's romantic and caring side are perfectly suited. To some people it may just be words, but we know the deal LOL.
odby-frame photo _MG_6491_zps8b14aa6b.jpg

Can we talk about how much bigger the room feels without a piece of furniture here? LOVE IT!
leaning-frames photo _MG_6552_zps8ce1062f.jpg

living-room photo _MG_6501_zps027f8d8f.jpg

I am thinking this little stretch of wall is complete.
by Holly standards.
for now.

 I will be back later with our ring giveaway winners, so check back to see if you're one!