A few little blooms of color around the house are all I need to hold on a little while longer. Until the days when I can just wear a jean jacket or sweater (without the parka on top), until the days I need sunglasses later than 4pm, until I can pack up the shovel until next year.

Sean surprised Wren with her own little garden last week.
 photo IMG_9235_zpsad58aba8.jpg

My own little potted garden is giving off the most beautiful fragrance. Nothing on earth comes close to the scent of a freshly bloomed hyacinth! photo IMG_9276_zpsa110460b.jpg

Meanwhile, outside we have been floating between Winter's deepest, darkest days...
 photo IMG_9265_zpsa92e39ec.jpg

bouts of sunshine, and even a little taste of Spring in the past day or two.
But like the quote below says so eloquently, at this time of year it is no coincidence that I feel very content to spend my days at home. These are the days I feel no desire to explore the city, treasure hunt, or even focus too much on where my next flip may come from. These are the days I find myself home centered. 

 photo IMG_92451_zpsa824a6ea.jpg

May your weekend be filled with a little of everything above.