Let's spread the word!

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In the past I will admit that I totally sucked at keeping track of Sponsors, when ads should go up and down, when to collect payment (which also made me cringe a little, it just isn't in my character!!). So for the most part I've left that business to my ad network. But for 2014 I decided I really want to embrace that side of blogging a little more. Not only offering an outlet for blogs and small businesses, but also putting myself out there a little more! It's all about raising and building each other up more this year.

I discovered PassionFruit Ads this past Summer and was impressed, set up a page... then never really focused on it. But it really does offer a great service to us Bloggers (trust, they aren't paying me for this, I just think they are awesome). Because I really want it to be more about spreading the love than anything else all my ad spots are relatively large by blog ad standards, and most importantly: affordable! 

So affordable that a handful of them are actually free. Every month, 4 of the available spaces are reserved for trade among fellow bloggers. I am hoping we can all discover new and fun blogs, friends and ideas this year and this is my way to get out exploring in Blog-land a little more. 

If you are interested and want to find out more
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And thanks so much for your love and support all these years of blogging later.