Blog Sale Part 2

Thanks so much to everyone who made last week's sale a huge success. It is a bit of a feat to organize and arrange everyone's pick up times but it is always fun to see everyone and where my things are finding new homes. With that said, here are the remaining items I need to clear out.

As all my home-item related sales are, EVERYTHING IS FOR LOCAL PICK UP ONLY! sorry to all my long distance friends and readers, but these awesome deals are only for fellow Edmontonians. Because I have had trouble in the past sorting out who emailed or responds first or who is just asking for more info, etc. I thought I would make it easy by simply allowing you to checkout straight away here so you know you either snagged it, or didn't. However, PLEASE EMAIL me at to arrange a pickup time to come get your item after you checkout. Or feel free to email me there as well if you have any other questions.

set of two ornate antique serving trays, one very large, the other average size

 photo IMG_0018_zps9f92ad33.jpg
Set of two small grey ceramic urns. 21cm high, 16 cm in diameter.
[ $16 ]

 photo IMG_0020_zpsfba35dc3.jpg
Single yellow finial.
[ $13 ]

 photo IMG_0021_zps8d8a7840.jpg
White enamel mail bin. can be hung
[ SOLD ]

 photo IMG_0022_zpsb44c3f1c.jpg
Antique postal scale.
[ $15 ]

 photo IMG_0023_zps33d3b411.jpg
Antique pink urn lamp. It is fully functioning, but I would recommend getting a new wire kit just to be safe.
[ $25 ]

 photo IMG_0025_zps605e5df6.jpg
Vintage brass mail sorter.

 photo IMG_0026_zpsf2d17052.jpg

 photo IMG_0028_zps75ae9113.jpg
Barnboard organizer. I used  it for many years for my knob collection (shown but not included, sorry!) but no longer need to hoard handles and knobs. 28 inches high by 22 inches wide. Bin labels can be changed as needed.
[ $60 ]

  photo IMG_0030_zpsa856cc61.jpg
 photo IMG_0031_zpsae028aa5.jpg
Reupholstered antique office chair. Adjustable height, back, recline. Wheels all roll nicely. A very cool and unique piece!
[ SOLD ]

 photo IMG_0032_zps82d83081.jpg
Antique wire crate.
[ $15 ]

 photo IMG_0034_zps122d6e56.jpg
 photo IMG_0035_zps06c6529e.jpg
Hand embroidered (by moi!) 'I wish *' hoops.
[ $35 ]

 photo IMG_0036_zpsd10ed37e.jpg
Large wire urn
[ $15 ]

Thanks again guys! You always make this so fun to do.