I have had a ton of you wonderful people tagging me on instagram with sneak peeks of your Style At Home magazine's these past couple weeks which is sooo sweet! But I had yet to actually get my own copy until yesterday and the anticipation was killing me!

It actually doesn't quite register yet, but I cannot thank Style at Home enough for doing such a beautiful write up and photography, courtesy of the talented Robin Stubbert. 
june 2014 Style At Home

But who I really want to thank is you. For stopping by here regularly for the last few years, for encouraging me, for giving me courage to follow my dreams. That isn't something I can't even begin to put a price on or to even fully explain. But you have given that to me and I will forever be grateful.

And if you are new here thanks to seeing the Style At Home issue, welcome! Can't wait to see you here regularly.
june 2014 style at home me

And I also need to thank this little person for being on her best behavior and for sharing me one long, but amazing week of shooting back in December. And for wearing jeans in the family shot and forcing out a smile despite wanting to cry (She HATES jeans LOL). Don't worry, she was paid in extra marshmallows in her hot chocolate we nearly burned in that shot.
wren eames chair 002