Green House Lanterns

lantern 015 

I made a big mistake last Summer and Fall. First, I left candles in some of our lanterns on the deck after a barbeque one evening and a few sunny days did a real number on them. Then a few rainstorms can through and bam! my super cute, $30 lanterns from HomeSense suddenly looked like rusted out, junky pieces of garbage.

See? not pretty.
lantern 011 

But I decided to hold on to them for this Summer to try and hopefully salvage them somehow. So I cleaned out the old melted candles, gently popped out the glass, and decided to give them a makeover.
lantern 012 

I bought a can of this coral spray paint at Michael's for $6 with one of their coupons and got to spraying!

Since I am obviously not capable of carting candles in and out all Summer I decided to put them to use on our covered front porch and inside as little greenhouses. 

To protect the metal bottom again I simply cut a little square of vinyl sheet I had in the garage. 
lantern 013 
I've tried actual enclosed terrariums a few times and can't seem to keep them from steaming up getting too moist. This offers a little ventilation while still protecting delicate plants from the elements, and looking super cute at the same time!
lantern 014 

lantern 016

Happy Gardening!