Possession Obsession: Britt Bass Turner

I have been having a lot of fun adding little hits of color around the house this year, usually in the form of pillows or art since I am still a firm lover of white rooms. Commitment to color will probably never come easy to me.

But one person who has really made me fall in love with color again is artist Britt Bass Turner. She know how to really bring together unique combinations of color in a soft way that I adore. I added this creation of pink/lime green/icy blue (the last two really didn't photograph well, but that is what the blank space actually is) to our family room in March and it has quickly become my single favorite piece of art. 

cabin 010 cabin 009 

I love how her bright, expressive paintings look in more traditional rooms for that contrast of old and new. The colors are always bold but not over powering.

I could easily fill a few more walls with her creations.

cabin 011