Halloween 2012

MUAHHH HA HA HA!!! It is that time of year again! 

Sorry I've been doing such a good ghost impression here on the blog lately!! We are eye balls deep in permits and blueprints and elevations, etc.... at ParkView. Lots of work, but not a lot of exciting blog content. And with all that work there hasn't been much of anything happening back here at home, besides getting a little ghoulish. I am just happy Sean gets home tomorrow after being away for the last week, so I can finally finish up a few blog posts that have been on the back burner. Being a full time mom/renovator/housekeeper is not easy alone, so I had to drop Blogger from my job description for the last few days.

But back to the REAL scary stuff! Wren and I had a blast getting into the Halloween groove this year. She is at a great age to help decorate now that she knows what is happening and what to look forward too (she has been practicing her "trick or treat" lines nightly!}.

Our decorating strategy this year centered around 'the Birds' again. We already had quite a murder of crows last year but we added a few more.

Last year I got all my crows at Michael's but I was insanely excited to discover a hoard of goodies at the Dollar Store lately. All of these spooky creatures were $2 or less at Dollarama, and I also loaded up on black cheese cloth (only $1!) to cover dressers, tables, and lamps around the house.

Here is a little glimpse into our temporarily Haunted House:

Halloween 2011

So we had a raging good time on Friday night! We have about 12 toddlers running rampant around the house and fun was had by all of them. But most of the fun started for me earlier in the week when I started decorating for the big night.

I have been pulling together the rest of the house now that the kitchen is finally done, and a new addition has been an antique plate display in the dining room. To add a dark touch to the floral and pink plates I threw some re-stickable halloween decals from Michael's. Fast, cheap (I think they were $5 or $6 for 8), and really fun. I actually had 2 or 3 friends confess later on that they thought that I hand painted the plates because they look so good!

Next week they will just peel off, talk about easy clean up!

Another super fast and easy spooky touch was throwing bed sheets over arm chairs. Not only did it look cool, but it saved me any worries over dirty little hands mucking up my newly washed slipcovers!

A little ruffle on the sheet kept it pretty enough for me.

Yet another decal, and a small murder of crows.

The most fun I had in decorating was actually our front door because I had help from Wren and her best friend Hailey. Pumpkins were rolling everywhere and giggles were flowing freely! And I totally know my ugly light is upside down, we were in the midst of changing it here but I felt like just tossing the thing... but I have to patiently wait until next year to tackle our exterior.

Thanks so my Aunt Carol for the antique milk crate! She recently moved and hauled over a pile of fun accessories for me that she didn't want to take.

The birds are watching!

To keep all the little people entertained I transformed the dining room table into a treat and toy station. Everything from play dough to stickers to candy, there was no shortage of fun.

How are you Halloween preparations coming? I am already looking forward to next year when I can really get back to business and crafting!

Belated Happy Halloween

I can't believe it is already November! This past weekend we had a fantastically spooky Halloween and hope you did as well.
My day didn't start with a treat, but a real tricky little lady. Seems someone knows where mommy hides the art supplies now! She loves doing her make up and seemed to be in the spirit of the day by finding the only black marker.
After a full facial scrub down she donned her Walrus costume to hit both her Grandma's and Aunt's houses.
My mom says we picked out a "boyish" costume and I intended to add a little bow to her head to make it obvious she was a girl walrus, but she didn't keep the hood on for more that 10 minutes so thank goodness I didn't waste the effort.
The night before we went to an adult only party and had a pretty exciting night. We aren't on facebook and missed out on the invite until just a few days before hand so we were far from the most creative party go-ers. I was a 50's housewife and my sister (who actually did spend some time and effort on her costume) was Link from The Legend of Zelda.
All in all a really great Halloween. And I can hardly believe it, but Wren has been in her new bed for a whole week already. I should have some photos for you tomorrow!