Things that Make Me Happy

The first thing making me happy right now is this feature Apartment Therapy did on Wren's room. The lovely Lauren Hufnagl has always been wonderful to me and when she asked to share Wren's room last fall I was so excited. It looks like our little interview is up now and I want to thank everyone for their sweet comments. Thanks Lauren!

This prayer candle stole my heart, literally. It is unscented like all prayer candles, but even so I adore it. I light candles daily around our house and every time I light this baby up it reminds me to show a little extra love to others in my busy day (you can find it, and others here)

My sister and I did a shopping afternoon which usually comprises a whole lot of trying on and a small amount of buying but when we found this dress on sale at Anthro for $39 we had troubles deciding who would get it because there was only one. In the end she said she felt too 'Angelina Jolie' in it (???) but I think it will be my go-to dress this spring, pairing it with a denim jacket or leather moto jacket. 

And last, but definitely not least! this beautiful blanket from Hudson's Bay from my sister in law Kate (you may remember the makeover we gave her condo last year which you can see here). She surprised me with it a couple weeks ago and I smile every time I walk past it and cuddle up with it. Seriously, I won the sister in law lottery guys!! Thank you Kate, you know me so well.

It's about that time! A little round up of the bits and bobs that are making me extra happy. 

I understand the concept of coffee table books, but I have never actually bought one until a couple weeks ago. Is this normal for a decor blogger?? Every book ever set on my coffee table was purchased foremost as a book I wanted to read, and while this one does look interesting ( you will see what I mean in the next photo. Thank me later), the bold, graphic text and size of the book are what actually caught my attention and swayed me to bring it home. 

 photo IMG_9569_zps87153e34.jpg

 photo IMG_9570_zpsceaf35a7.jpg

Do we think this means I'm officially a grown up? I'm pretty sure coffee table books are one of the requirements.
 photo IMG_9575_zps2c1fa78c.jpg

[ a new bottle of olive oil ] 
Something about this bottle just makes me feel like a better chef. Although I must still be a pretty poor one because I can't remember the brand of it for the life of me.
 photo IMG_9698_zps372e1186.jpg

We have a boat load of birthdays in February so I loaded up on cards at Plum Home a couple weeks ago. I am totally in love with these Egg Press cards. They are so cute you could frame one!
 photo IMG_9672_zps227b9353.jpg

These little drinking glasses from Ikea are so freaking adorable that I threw a couple in my cart just to use around the house as pencil holders and little pots. The colors are so happy and the price is right at $2.
 photo IMG_9764_zps47237bd9.jpg

I hope my little roundup brings a smile to you as well!
What are the little things making you happy this week?

Things that Make Me Happy

I didn't really have a chance to scope out the after Christmas sales thanks to that flu I've endlessly mentioned, but last week I made a small trip into the mall while Wren was at school. It was during a Target run (my closest Target is actually in the mall, not a good combo for the bank account!!) so I picked up a handful of goodies. Here are those treats as well as a few little moments I've savored of late.

I finally got myself a disco ball! (on clearance for $2.64 at SuperStore) I decided I NEEDED one ever since I saw Ashley's. But disco balls don't just pop up all that often, so I had no idea when I would finally make the acquisition. Well, mission accomplished and I am thrilled with it!
 photo IMG_9191_zps34b54d54.jpg 

{ a selection of fresh fudge always makes things better }
 photo IMG_9165_zps82a7328d.jpg 

{ cute mouse slippers from Urban Outfitters (that I totally intend to wear outside when Spring debuts). Kind of cheesy for a 30 year old? maybe, but I am gonna rock them regardless. Bad pun intended folks }
 photo IMG_9220_zps17c7b7b1.jpg 

{ beautiful hyacinth and daffodil bulbs, transplanted into a couple of leftover candle containers. I have a ton of them laying around thanks to my endless candle addiction so I have decided to give them a reincarnation this spring}
 photo IMG_9187_zpsf63ae32a.jpg 

{ a perfectly slouchy sweater (found on sale at Gap here), complete with elbow patches that should carry me through the end of Winter }
 photo IMG_9204_zps44993052.jpg

I hope you are having a happy and fantastic day, and feel free to share some of the things making you happy right now!! Sharing is caring guys.