A quick kitchen set paint job

A pedestal table and four chairs popped up on my local craigslist last week and just from the pictures alone I knew that it was the perfect set. It was in great condition, had all 4 chairs, basically just needed a new coat of paint, and obviously the price was right.

Working outside at 8:30pm to get it done before night fall!
Fast, easy and cheap! Sounds good to me~

I debated on whether or not to even distress this set, but the unanimous feedback from the family was DO IT! That is what makes my pieces a little unique, right? But I still went easy and just did a minimal amount.

Thank you SOOO much to everyone for all the wonderful comments and questions! It is actually overwhelming how many emails I get everyday. This week alone I have already responded to over 100. So please be patient, I promise I will get back to everyone. If you have a question in particular about anything I appreciate you asking in the comments section, but it is easier for me to keep track of what I have or haven't answered if you ask me in an email.
Now we are off to the cabin for the weekend to enjoy a HUGE family reunion! Have a great weekend everyone~