2009: Our First Year as Parents (Part 1)

Whew! What a year 2009 has been. We had a bit of a rough end to 2008 with Wren being born prematurely, but even that went as well as possible. I wanted to take the time to sit down and document this year for us so that someday Wren can look back and see what a special time of life it was for us all.

The Beginning:
Sean and I have discussed this many times. How crazy it was, and how very easily life can change in the blink of an eye. We are both convinced that had we lived in another time or even another part of the world I would not have the blessing to sit here and write this all out. The miracle of modern medicine is the single reason I am alive, and no matter how hard I fought I could not have won on my own. This is definitely a major reason in why we are fairly certain that Wren will be our one and only baby (yet another reason to document as much of this time as possible!).

4 days old:
Who knew that 4 lbs, 9oz could change so much, huh? These photos were taken exactly 1 year ago, on my 25th birthday. Wren was definitely one of those "be careful what you wish for" birthday presents! She couldn't even really cry at this point but life was a-changing.

5 Days Old:
Already, Dad was wrapped around her frighteningly small finger. And surprisingly she actually had more hair than she does today!

1 Week Old:
Our first milestone! That felt like both the longest week of my life, and the craziest. Days blur into one another and yet when you have time to lay down and sleep you are still so excited, high on adrenaline that it is an impossibility. No one really tells you about that first week....

2 Weeks Old:
It is bizarre how fast your "old" life fades from view. Those 14 days pretty much erase any real concept of what it feels like to sleep through the night or prepare a full meal. After running on 15 minutes of combined sleep and living off a couple boxes of Fudgeos I was pretty much inches from a full mental breakdown. Yet somehow life seemed a lot fuller and our house sure started to feel like home.

1 Month Old:
Life had to go on, primarily in the form of a full bathroom renovation. It is so funny to look back at the chaos that Wren started her little life in, but it was obvious from the start she was our baby! Nail guns and the pounding of tile chippers didn't phase her at all.
2 Months:
At this point I think we had completely forgotten what life without Wren was even like. She was beginning to really feel like a "baby". Lifting her head, looking at the world around her, so much new to learn.

This is also where the fun really started to kick in! We would find ourselves giggling over the simplest things. One funny look could have us hysterical.

3 Months Old:
And so it began... Wren was an independant girl from the get go but this was when she really found her stride. It also gave me 15 minutes of peace to enjoy a warm shower when I could watch her jump in the doorway through the glass door. THANK YOU to whomever created the jumper!

4 Months Old:
Apparently it is already embarassing to be simutaniously kissed by both parents. Too bad! Those cheeks only became more and more enticing as they filled out.

5 Months Old:
Funny faces, rolling over, laughing, these are just a few of the highlights of each day.

Life was still hectic in the this house of renovations, but baby seemed to love it all! However, the carseat was definitely starting to become heavy and we could see her little personality growing as she did.

6 Months Old:
Hello Teeth! This is really when it started to become more fun and less work. Who can complain with a little face like this looking up at you?

We made so many memories those first 6 months, but what we really made was a family. Laughing about the same things, watching someone turn into a person, creating a home, starting a business. We had many milestones and I never want to forget any of them. But most importantly I never want to forget that it wasn't easy. I had to work at it, learn things and even ask for help (which is usually pretty hard for me!). These are not things you can be ready or prepared for when you step into this job, but I think it is better that way. I would rather learn by working at it because that is when it means more.
It is impossible to sum up 6 months of life in a few pictures and a couple paragraphs, but it is better than nothing! Tomorrow I turn 26 and I look forward to spending the day looking forward to my next 6 months, year and beyond. And jotting down a few more memories from my 25th year.