For some reason the idea to paint our old canopy bed struck me out of no-where about two weeks ago. Sean is not 100% convinced, but I can tell he is swaying in my favor ;)

The bed was actually our first large purchase together right after highschool, even though by today's standards I would hardly call it a large purchase (In highschool I worked at Bombay Co. so I had a pretty awesome discount, and to top it off it was already 60% off as a former floor model). It has been banished to the guest room since I made the DIY headboard in our master bedroom last February. But I think I would be more inspired to:
a) decorate the guest room already!
b) consider bringing it back into the master.
If I get to bring it down into my paint studio!

If these white canopy beds don't convince Sean and draw some major inspiration then I have no idea what will~

And my ULTIMATE fav: