How humbling it is to stop by one of your favorite blogs (who I just realized is not even on my blog roll, but always at the top of my viewing history LOL) and see your own face. Joni of Cote de Texas is by far one of the most original, charming, and dedicated bloggers out there. I am probably still so exhausted from last night that I am just missing it, but I cannot find her email address for the life of me. I really want to email her a nice little "Thanks!". So if anyone can share or if you are reading this Joni, I am sending good Karma back in your direction~

Speaking of good Karma, and along the lines of Joni's post about our dining room, we said goodbye today to our HUGE dining room hutch, as well as a few other items. They are going to a new home in a children's boutique which I think is pretty much the coolest thing ever, and a huge step for WhiteBerry! I am hoping that the rest of 2010 is as good for us and WhiteBerry, and for you as well~

So that means the dining room will soon see a new reincarnation and more decorating fun for me!