I just finished the majority of the work on a really really cool new china cabinet (I will be sharing tomorrow, or Monday at the latest) while Wren has been napping, but she has been down for over 2 hours and shows no signs of waking so I guess I have a few minutes to share a couple snaps from our New Year's Eve, unless she wakes up mid-post LOL.

My parents hosted a wonderful evening of chinese food, pool, guitar hero and poker.
Wren, of course, was a princess.

and so was Mung Kee.... (we are fairly certain he is one of those rare gay dogs, afterall he enjoys getting his hair done just a little too much).

LOOOONG before midnight Wren switched into her PJs. (don't worry, Wren does NOT sit on counters regularly, and there is a hidden person behind me holding her~)

The boys practising their non-noise making noise makers.

She was supposed to be in bed hours before, but Wren's inner party animal really surprised us all! But it was nice to share a midnight kiss with her and her daddy~

Sooooo exhausted!!!