I have been avoiding this post like crazy, but I think it is time to be honest with myself and you. It's time to face the music. At this point in time I am sooooo busy painting, working with clients, writing for Domestic Ease, and finding time to blog that I am growing further and further behind in responding to emails. The majority of your emails are questions about painting and distressing furniture, and while I would LOVE to help each and everyone of you with your projects I am simply not able to right now. I will be leaving my contact email up for now, but will only be able to respond to WhiteBerry furniture requests, sponsors and clients.

To help all of you along in your projects I will be updating the FAQ section over the next week with your most asked questions. So if you have anything you would specifically like me to address that is not already discussed in that section please leave me a comment right here! Any future emails will receive a link back to my FAQ just incase you didn't know about it already~

Thank you all SOOOOO much for all your lovely emails and comments. I truly wish I could chat with each of you (and hopefully I will somehow, someday).