Continuing on with my Kitchen ramblings... yesterday while browsing through some of my idea folders I was blown away by sheer number of colored kitchens I have listed as "LOVED". Hmmm, do we need to rethink this whole white thing???

There are a few things consistant in all the photos that I know MUST be incorporated into our design:

1. recessed upper cabinets. I love that little peek of counter-top instead of doing floor to ceiling cabinets.

2. You should always have a good view when doing dirty work! We plan on installing another large window and moving the sink directly in front of a row of 3 windows.

again with the little counter ledge.... but those tiny drawers are awfully cute too!


But should it be fixed, or on cute legs like this to feel a little more breezy?

4. I love the little arches at the bottom of cabinets like this.

5. Cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling.

6. Carrera marble counters are non-negotiable! And I am soooo drawn to this blue, maybe it will be incorporated into the island in a subtle way.

Again with the arched plinths, and marble...

7. A farmhouse sink is another must have. (oh yeah, and if this is your kitchen, can you adopt me???)

And am just generally loving this kitchen too! The cabinet style is exact what I am after.

And now Wren and I are off to do some painting and playing with the lovely Frugal Contessa~
Hope you have a fabulous Friday!