I am sure you guys are dead tired of hearing about our looooong overdue kitchen reno. After all, I've been chatting about it for over a year now, but we are just starting to make some real decisions and setting up a plan of attack that is set to begin as soon as the snow is all melted and sunny days arrive. So it is on my brain pretty much all. the. time.

One thing we decided on yesterday was how to tackle the massive amount of damage the ceiling will be taking with the removal of several walls and the new lighting layout. It was daunting to think of tearing down all the dry wall and starting from scratch, when it hit us yesterday that we should just cover it up!

How, you ask? With beadboard! It is a staple in historic homes across the country, but it never occurred to us to add a beadboard ceiling until recently.

So here some lovely images that have my heart floating with excitement!
(and yes, I am one of those negligent bloggers who randomly fling other people's photos into a folder on my desktop and forget to cite the source... so if you know who any of the images belong to, or if they are yours I truly apologize!!!)

I am fairly certain this image is from the lovely Urban Grace Interiors~