Today was my weekly treasure hunting trip. And while I snagged a few really lovely antique dressers and nesting tables, my best finds were two new additions to my "nautical" wall going up the staircase.

The first was this oil painting I had been contemplating for about 2 weeks, but it had lacked a price tag up until today so I assumed it was priced well over $100. Turns out it was $40 so I didn't even think twice! I just love all the birds.
The second painting is this watercolor dated 1924. The dainty frame was what originally attracted me to it, but the painting itself will be a really charming addition to all the ships.

And speaking of great finds, yesterday I had an absolute blast spending the afternoon with Frugal Contessa, aka Angelica! We literally spent hours in Anthropoligie, snapping pictures for project ideas, trying on dozens of outfits and deliberating over what to purchase. My favorite purchase of the day? this cloche hat! It was on clearance for $19 (and no, it isn't bent or discolored, my mirror is just really mucked up LOL). We both decided on jackets and tops, but it was a tough call!

Have a great Monday night!