I have a new White Berry Treasure! Well, actually it is a really really old White Berry Treasure~ I have had it resting in the garage for a few weeks until I had a spot for it. On Monday a lovely reader by the name of Linda came by to pick up these beauties, she saw them on the blog and declared that she must have them (Leanne, there is hope for you and your easel too! LOL). As soon as the corner units were clear I had Sean wheel this baby inside.

It is such a unique and beautiful old piece. The back of the drawers are marked Eatons, as well as a church address. This was originally part of a wall of built-ins, but was obviously salvaged at some point.

I love that almost all the original drawer labels are still in place. The beautiful old writing and aged paper are probably my favorite part of the cabinet~

The little ledge is so charming! And a great spot for adding a little greenery~

We were hard at work documenting more progress on the laundry room yesterday (you have created a video making MONSTER!) and should have some progress for you all in the next few days!