Ack, what bad bloggers we are! Here we should have nothing but time on our hands, but it seems to be a challenge to even check-in~

We have some really great blog posts for back home though, as I scooped up the bedding of my **dreams** and the shocking thing is that it wasn't even from Shabby Chic Couture! I walked in the store and within seconds knew it would be coming home with us. I also picked up a cool old bowl at an estate sale along with a few other goodies. Not to mention a ton of inspiration I am dying to share. My dad on the other hand picked up a ginormous gilt mirror from Liberace's estate sale.... leave it to dad to find the show stopper. It was a 4 man effort just to hang it so I am sure you can imagine the size. And our monogrammed picture is coming along nicely along with the rest of the kitchen. I promise to be good and show you everything.

Hope you are doing just a fabulous!!!