A couple trinkets

Today Wren and I made a few stops, looking for baskets for a party my mom is planning and other various goodies, when I was really happy to find a few little treasures.

I always see magagine articles telling me how cheap and easy to find vintage toast caddies are and that they make great mail racks. Sounds great in theory but I hadn't ever seen one in person until today so they must not be as abundant here as the magazines tout.

But nonetheless when I found one today for $1.99 I was totally tickled pink!
I happen to think she is a pretty little caddy and can already tell we will be buddies for a long time to come. Heck, anything that tidies up the counter a little qualifies as my best friend!

I also found this old thing. I am assuming it is an old silver napkin holder, but what do I know?
If you happen to know please share! No matter what it is intended for, I plan to use it to hold a few old postcards I picked up at the local historical archives a few years ago.

I hope your week has been filled with little treasures as well~