Door scores

So now that I have told you all about my crazy chandelier/plant frenzy of yesterday afternoon I am happy to report that I actually got the front porch all spiffy today and won't leave you hanging indefinitely.

Well, kinda. Here is what our door looked like this morning. Please don't laugh, and no, I haven't the faintest idea what is etched into our door. It could be some type of native american curse, but I am leaning towards just plain weird.

In fact I am very excited because tonight we spent a whole hour drawing up custom door designs to switch out the door and 70's side windows to a set of black french doors. Won't that look great?? The outside has been on our back burner but I really want to add a little curb appeal this year before the frost sets in again...

Now back to our make-over (part 1, part 2 being the new door...).

I saw this chandelier on clearance at HomeSense yesterday for $60 and thought it was mighty cool. But what do I need another chandelier (without electricity mind you) for around the house?
Then I saw another in a different aisle and it hit me that I should hang them over my urns!

Just before that we had picked up some boxwood for the urns. I didn't want to go too girly and fussy with flowers, specially because it is a covered porch and doesn't get a lot of direct light. And I like to think these feel a little old-world France or Italy.

So now I just need to:
1. get new french doors.
2. have stucco painted grey.
3. get a new light fixture.
4. actually put candles on the chandeliers...

hopefully not in that order, and hopefully sooner than later.

Keep in mind that our front porch is WELL protected with huge trees as well as a portico so the chandeliers are really protected from wind and the elements. Definitely don't attempt this in front an antique stained glass window on a windy hill or anything, k?
Now tell me the honest truth, is it pure genius or just crazy?