SheyB Giveaway!

You have probably noticed her button on our Sponsors bar, but if you haven't actually popped over and seen Shey's creations you are missing out! Specially if you are a self professed shutter bug (like me!). With all these new fancy pants cameras hanging like rocks around our necks all the time most of us suffer from "camera rash", or maybe it's just me...

Well, whether you are preventing road burn on the nape of your neck, or just into making a fashion statement with your camera strap you need to see her adorable camera strap slipcovers!

Isn't this one cute?

I'm a huge fan of the name of this one: Pink Lemonaide!

Shey is one of the busiest mom-preneurs out there so I am so grateful to her for sharing one for our giveaway! Wait times average a month so one lucky reader will bump the line with this beauty~
Here is Shey's description of "The Pleated Ruffle":
This fabric is as timeless as it is stylish, but how awesome does it look with a pleated golden velvet ruffle?! :) It will add the perfect modern style to your camera strap! Say goodbye to that raw neck - this strap slip cover will be so much more comfortable and stylish! This strap slip cover is -removable- and is machine washable!

And she has some great designs for the Dads out there too!
All you have to do to enter the Pleated Ruffle giveaway is to comment on this post before Tuesday, July 13 at 8pm pacific.
Thanks Shey, and thank you for reading and supporting our sponsors!