Dining Room...

Big shock guys: I'm redecorating!! This time my efforts have been focused on the dining room, which has turned into a White Berry photo studio as of late after my last "forever" table found a new home. Since dining tables and chairs are big, require a lot of storage and I don't have space for more than 1 in the house I usually do not paint them without knowing they have a home. Therefore the one or two a year that come into the house are usually purchased as a piece I intend to keep... until someone talks me into parting with them.
Just like the living room, I am starting to feel like I need to "settle" into the dining room and actually have a room that I can live in! So I have been hard at work... and I think you might be surprised!!
You see, we have a show here in Canada called Colin & Justin's Home Heist (check it out if you love fun decor and really great before and afters!!) and at 4am this past week while I was up with a sick little Wren I happened to catch an episode featuring this dining room:
Beachy, fresh and yet inviting! But totally out of my usual comfort zone as far as the chairs, accessories and light fixture go. Yet somehow I have been thinking of this room for days.
So I have set out to mix everything I love about it with everything I already love. And it is a little different, a little out of the box for me, but it already feels good~
Here are some more beachy dining rooms that I have taken inspiration from and will be referencing as I pull together my "modern beach" dining room!

Can't wait to share more this week!