Hint of Mint Dresser

My sister and I found this old dresser while hitting some garage sales recently. It was a screaming deal as it came from an estate sale and they really needed to get things out so they threw in a desk with the purchase. I had no desire to cram all this in my SUV, but my sister needed a desk for her new house so we obliged and hilarity ensued. 2 girly girls (one in a strapless sun dress) aren't too capable of heavy lifting...
Somehow we all arrived in one piece!

I first did a coat of white, which looked lovely but a smidge plain. Knowing I wanted to reuse the gorgeous gold handles I decided to add the faintest of faint mint green cabana stripes. I have always loved the look of gold and green together and was instantly happy with the results.
It is so faint, but still noticable (more so in real life). I dream of this as a bedside table in a seaside cottage. Or in a beautiful white nursery.

Some people would hardly notice the mint...

But I am more of a quiet relaxed girl, and I like that it is a little mysterious.

The original hardware was so beautiful I could hardly refuse to bring it back.

This is definitely one of my favorite pieces... ever. I don't know why, but it just makes me happy~