Just a couple comments.

Hi guys!

I have been getting TONS of emails lately about what kind of paint I use, latex or oil based. I do use both since I don't have a choice when it comes to buying strictly mistinted paint. The color is usually my main concern. But please be sure to read the instructions on your paint gun manuals (if that's how you paint) so that you won't use anything harmful to your guns. But with proper cleaning and thinning I think most paints shouldn't cause any issues.

The second part of this post is to respond to a comment I received earlier today:

"I really love this blog for the eye candy, but have noticed a lack of how to's. It's kind of getting old watching you create all these things without tips or advise. It starting to feel like you are bragging. I mean in this post you could have showed us how to achieve just a "hint" of something. You once answered someones question asking what colors you use. You responded by saying you just mix colors. I think if you where really trying to be helpful you could have said the two colors you like to mix the most. YOu don't have to share all your secrets, but i think to help this blog not feel so stingy you could give away some. My husband is a carpenter, so furtunatly for me I can just have him look at your blog and tell me exactly what it is I need to do. Some are not as fortunate."

Ouch, that one hurt!
I am truly sorry if anyone feels that I am stingy or unhelpful, because bragging is far from being my intention. Whenever I work on new projects I try and be as helpful as possible, and I guess I just assumed that by now you wouldn't want a complete play by play on every piece of furniture. There are no secret tricks that I am hiding, no special colors I use ( I promise each and every can of paint I own lacks a color name and came from the $5 pile), and as I mention in my FAQ section I really and truly wing it, following a picture in my head, not always sure how it will turn out or how to get there.
As I have mentioned previously, I am hard at work on an e-book that I am excited to share soon. It will cover the basics along with several tips I have learned the hard way through trial and error. But mainly I am hoping that it will be useful as a way for readers to build confidence in their projects because that is usually the biggest stepping stone. I am a teensy bit concerned that it might be a little bit of a let down because for some of you, because there really isn't any magic just a lot of paint and a little sand paper. But I will look forward to hopefully removing some of the mystery with that.

All of your lovely, warm, heartfelt comments are always so appreciated and I really try to respond to emails and questions as time allows (which it rarely does these days). So please accept another apology on my behalf if you have been disappointed with the lack of knowledge I have shared, or if you haven't seen a response. I started this blog as a diary and resource to store my ideas, memories and projects and while it has evolved over time to include many of my adventures in furniture painting the original intention was not to become a fountain of knowledge (because lord knows I don't know much!). If it weren't for your supportive words, even when the projects weren't all that great or fabulous, I probably wouldn't be doing what I love and I cannot thank you enough for that~

Ciao dolls,