Employee of the Month

Sean here with some exciting news!!

Here at In the Fun Lane and Whiteberry we have acquired some new personnel.......well kind of! I have officially stepped back from my hands on restaurant position to meet some of the furniture and blogging demands. I don't know if I have earned the employee of the month title yet, but I am eager to prove to my super strict boss (jk) that I can do it. I have always enjoyed doing some of the low key work behind the curtains, things like moving and organizing, plus a few relief blog post here and there. Now I am ready to step out to the front stage (in a supporting role) to help carry the "fun" load.

Just a little bit about me:

Favorite Movies: Shawshank Redemtion & Training Day
Favorite Food: In-Out Burger, Chicken Parmesan
Favorite Place to Visit: So Cal, Wrens bedroom before bedtime.
Passions: Family, Cars, Renovations, Saving Money, Snowboarding, Golfing, Dogs
Favorite Room: Master bedroom, Garage
Favorite Sport: Tie between NHL & NFL
Dislikes: Snow Removal, bad T.V, Flat tires, Dill pickle chips (ughhh, Holly's Fav)
Favorite Dog Breed: Doberman
Longest Road Trip: 24 hour's - shift driving from Edmonton to Palm Desert

Typically your average guy who enjoys average guy stuff.

I am thrilled to offer some of my technical "know - how" about constructional/operational aspects of painting furniture, renovations, and tool functions. Also I'll be sharing some opinions about relevant products or services. Other topics I look forward to discussing are a guy's take on decorating and living in a home that has white pretty much everywhere. (and how to sneak in some masculinity)

I you have any requests or suggestions for certain topics that require a man's perspective just shoot me an e-mail at inthefunlane@gmail.com

By for now, Sean &