The defense will now plead his case.

Oh boy! I may have my work cut out for me here. I am a firm believer in "if it aint broke then don’t fix it!" but what about change always being a good thing.

Maybe I should plead the 5th here so I don’t end up in the dog house. The reason(s) behind my madness was quite simple. I tried to think of a few things that the room had to offer and see if they could somehow be improved. Of course I wanted it to look good but functionality was a bigger factor.

We use our family room the most, mainly because it hosts our only T.V in the house, and it is also the landing pad for all of Wrens toys. I wanted to take advantage of the only 2 windows in the room so I moved the sectional to the opposite side, this way we can not only look out the 2 windows but we can also peek out of the other 7 windows scattered along the same wall that enters into our eating nook & kitchen. Another added plus was that because the family room has a sunken floor that kind-of enters further into one section than the other, it allowed for the sectional to come further back and give the room a bigger feeling. The T.V was the hardest part. Initially I wanted it in the corner, but it just looked too awkward and severely detracted from the fireplace (the 2 large rectangular black objects 1.fireplace 2.T.V seemed to be fighting for the spotlight amongst all the white.) I did want to mount it above the fireplace so it could appear symmetrical, however aside from Holly saying NO! Way, the wood burning fireplace posed potential stress on our single T.V. The only area left was between the windows. The final nail in the coffin for me was the placement of Wrens toy-chest. Previously it was somewhat central in the room, which meant that toys could be easily scattered everywhere. Often when something came up outside of the family room toys would easily be dragged into the kitchen and beyond. Now with the toy-chest tucked into the corner, the mess seems to be a-little more controlled.

The only downside that I can think of is how we used be able to sit in our eating nook and glance at the T.V while we were eating. Now with the T.V against the wall it is out of sight. Ironically for me it may be a downside because I can no longer watch sports while dining, but on the other hand feeding Wren may become easier without the distraction of the T.V. Is it worth though, losing the joy of eating and watching sports vs. ease of family dinner time? That is tuff, but all the above positives overpowered the 1 negative.


I probably should have jazzed up the room with some accessories to help favor my point but I must admit I am terrible in that department.


Oh how this room still needs so much more work.
Also apologies for such harsh photos, I clearly need to learn some tips from the master.


I still think it holds all of the previous charm and beauty. Now it simply operates with a little more efficiency. I really wanted to hang my 4x8 foot Edmonton Oiler Wayne Gretzky photo but Holly said the only place for that is inside of a garbage truck. Just kidding I don’t really have one, but I think she might still have said that if I did. Haha.

As always, Thanks for Reading!