I'm Gonna Let Sean Explain This One...

When we first finished the family room about a year and a half ago we originally had the couch facing the windows. We loved the brightness, the morning light and the dreamy, flowy drapes pooling on the hardwood. But it didn't make much sense as far as TV placement was concerned so we ended up with this layout.
Seemed good, but at about 2:30pm this afternoon Sean had a fit of nostalgia and wanted a room with a view. And when he shouted out to me in the garage "I'm gonna start moving the family room" I just nodded and went back to work.
About an hour later I came in to approximately 5 dressers and various furniture strewn about the kitchen and family room as he played with somehow placing our TV in a reasonable spot. In the process my nightstand somehow became a TV stand and the old TV cabinet (aka Wren's Toy Depot) got shoved in a corner along with a few other tables. Looks like my plant took a small beating as well... but I'm not gonna cry over spilt milk.
There is definitely some tweaking to do but Sean is so easy going with all my decorating shennanigans that I am gonna try and play with his idea and make it work, someway, somehow.
Wren doesn't even seem to notice anything has changed. But she might tomorrow when her toy cabinet moves into the living room where I think it will fit nicely.
Tomorrow Sean will be inviting us all in the the method behind this madness, in a rare glimpse into a husband's decorating iniative.
ps: for all of you who ask about toy control and keeping the house from feeling like Toys R Us exploded I am working on a post for next week dedicated to that topic!