Teapot Garden

We've been doing a lot of work outside thanks to all the sun shine. Washing the car, watering the lawn, and this week planting some shrubs and flowers.

My trusted sidekick.

Wren helped me pick some beautiful (and really cheap!) flowers at SuperStore this week. Gosh I love that place... I really should go more often. I tried to mainly bring home annuals with small flowers because Wren is notorious for plucking every last petal off a plant. This way they won't be bald by the weekend. I hope. By the time all my pots were full I still had a few crates of plants left so we had to get creative and go inside for more containers.

It was perfect timing because just this past weekend I had amassed TONS of boxes of kitchen wares while out garage saleing and hitting an auction with Torri and my sister in law, Kate. I really only wanted 3 or 4 things but those few things we located inside giant boxes of odds and ends (no joke, I literally brought home 30 year old used soap, rubbing alcohol and a giant nest of phone cords just to get these few items). I haven't sorted through it yet, but on the top of one box I found a cute old sugar pot.

It's old, but not anything special.

And the lid is cracked all over so I am sure it has so value. Which made it a good candidate for an outside pot!

A little dirt and a wispy looking flower make a perfectly imperfect addition to the bistro table.

And THANKS THANKS THANKS for all the tips on keeping us fed during the next few weeks!! I cannot even believe the amazing ideas and recipes you shared. It looks like the process may take even a little longer than hoped since the pantry wall is needing to be ripped out to confirm cabinet dimensions before they are even ordered... let the chaos begin!

I am off to finalize everything with the designer today and then I will be sharing the breakdown and where this is headed.