Abducted by aliens? admitted into the witness protection program? Travelling to the center of the earth? No, no and no. But they all sound a heck of a lot more exciting than what my daily life is currently like! Slap me with the bad blogger of the year award guys, I totally deserve it for my reckless abandonment of the blog lately. Between the death of my beloved old laptop, the hectic daily demands of pulling together this kitchen without a contractor, throw in the fact that my 1 and only car key snapped off in my car door (and took almost 3 weeks for the new one to arrive) with a few bouts of good weather and I seem to have let myself go in the blog sense. It is also the busiest time of year for whiteberry and I have been bombarded with a month long waiting list of projects for lovingly patient clients. I haven't even had time to raise a speck of paint to my ever mounting pile of personal finds. Anyways, I promise not to bother you with the time honored "whoa is me" speech because if there are moms with 7 or 8 kids out there that can find time to blog at least once a week I really have no excuses.
Buuuut with that said, I can't guarantee I will be back on the scene much for the next few weeks as all our hard work comes together in the kitchen. But when I do make it back it will be for good, cross my heart, poke a needle in my eye and all that jazz.
Enjoy that sunshine, friends!