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Hi Friends!

I am happy to say we are all doing great and have been a little recharged after a little getaway last week, but more on that later. I have had a couple emails and comments asking how we like our new cabinets and what is going on with this kitchen of ours, and I would love to have a great response, but the only thing I can say is that I am tired to death over the whole thing. Sean, my Dad and I had been working furiously up until August 29th to have absolutely everything done before the cabinet installers arrived and we managed to get all of it done with the exception of painting the walls and installing baseboards. Pretty good if you ask me! It took many late nights and we relied on my parents a lot as they so graciously invited us to move in for a couple weeks during the worst of it all. I kind of felt like Jekyl and Hyde because by day Sean would go to work and Wren and I would go out to amuse ourselves at the park.

Or the splash zone.

And by night we were dedicated construction workers. We were so excited to feel like we crossed the finish line as the installers started unwrapping and placing the cabinets in the kitchen but our hearts dropped when they informed us that they were missing a few items and there were multiple cabinets that were damaged during transportation that would need to be reordered (it just so happened to include one next to the fridge and another next to the stove so we have been instructed not to bring either of those appliances in yet!!!). It felt like a bit of a blow, specially to those of us in the room who had been living without a refridgerator. So that caused us to cancel the counter top install and now we are waiting on the rush order for our replacement cabinets...

But as they say, when the going gets tough the tough get going. And so go we did, just this past week/weekend.

Wren at the airport. She is mesmerized by airplanes right now so it was very thrilling for her.

Where did we go? To a wonderful family gathering in Vancouver to celebrate my grandmother's 75th birthday. It was the best few days, catching up with all my cousins and watching all our kids play.

We were excited to get a pool side room, and Wren was excited to steal my sunglasses.

Wren and her grandma.

In the few days we were there it felt like we hit all our favorite spots and managed to lounge by the pool non-stop. Wren with her mom and Aunt Torri in Steveston.

I have become completely accustomed to having bent and crooked sunglasses. Wren does not play too gentle with them.

Our favorite times were at the pool. Everyday we would eat our breakfast and then lay by the pool for a few hours while the kids all played, or until the adults started up a who-can-flip-into-the-pool-the-best contest.

Wren choreographing me into some sort of pin-wheel routine. And I just noticed my cousin Taylor's crazy face. Thanks Tay!

My Grandma's big birthday dinner was such a beautiful night. My Aunt Sherry did a massive collage of family photos and all my grandma's friends and family were there to celebrate. A BIG hello to Sandra and Diane, two of my grandma's friends who are probably reading this!

Of course we had to take Wren to the Kids Market on Granville Island. You can barely see her and her Poppa driving the tug boat.

Sean bought us bird seed to feed the geese, but after one nearly attacked me I decided to watch from a distance. Wren with her Daddy and Nanny.

We just got back on Tuesday and I already feel recharged despite the fact that we have been cleaning like crazy. It seems that the dust will get everywhere during a reno, despite the amount of time and energy spent closing off the work area. I have made a couple fun changes to the dining room now that our life is getting somewhat closer to back to normal that I can't wait to share!