Shopping Haul Vlog

Hi Guys!!

THANK YOU soooo much to everyone who supported our run yesterday at the 2011 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's Run for the Cure. Because of your generosity we raised $446. I am over the moon with that and we had so much fun doing the run. I will have photos of us, along with 10,000 other runners that turned out yesterday to raise a combined total of $30 million dollars up in the next few days along with our 2 donation giveaway winners.

I have been busy trying to film a short Vlog with our recent Halloween party finds along with some other purchases. As you can see I have 2 videos to share, Part 1 and Part 2, and when you watch Part 1 you can see why!

It is still a learning experience using my Bloggie HD camera (thank Hill's!) so it wasn't until I uploaded my videos that I realized I should've filmed them on a different angle and in a brighter room. So sorry if the videos are a little small. But they are in HD so feel free to open in a larger window!

Some close ups of the items we're chatting about:

Our Halloween party invites, thanks Martha @ Michael's!

Bargain basement, cute magnets ($1.50/3 @ michael's)

Urban Outfitters magnet board in my office.

Party supplies!!!

What do ya think? More Vlogs, less Vlogs?

Hope you had a lovely weekend!!