Oh the weather outside is frightful

I whole heartedly agree with this sentiment, but in my case replace the tea with a Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate!
As we've discussed, I am a big book junkie! So I thought it was about time I keep my collection under control and much more share-friendly. I know I've borrowed plenty of books and they've turned up a few months later and I forget their owner, but somehow it never occurred to me to plate my books.
Until now! I found these cute book plates (80 plates in various designs) on clearance for $2 at Anthropologie a few weeks ago and I decided to make it my mission to get them all in my books today.
It's funny because this month has been unseasonably warm here, but for some reason I can't seem to shake a constant chill this week. Maybe I'm getting cold feet about turning 28 tomorrow!
Who knows but Sean is fed up with me wearing tuques inside the house all day and night.
Wish me luck as I gain a whole year at midnight tonight!!