$200 dining room update

Remember when I said I wanted to change a few things in the dining room? Well, Sean didn't go for my new light suggestion (it probably didn't help that the light I want is $1000) so I've made due with what we have and put a gift card to use that my grandma sent for Christmas to add a couple finishing touches which in the end brought my grand total spent to absolutely nothing!

I only purchased new lamps ($150 for 2) and a mirror ($20). The lamps were a little more than I usually would spend but were a good investment for 2 reasons.
1. I have been wanting these turned wood lamps for AGES. I saw them at HomeSense about 2 months ago in a much lighter wood for $100 each. Couldn't justify the price considering I had no idea where I'd put them.

2. This room is HUGE (it's a living/dining room with vaulted ceilings), yet there is only 1 chandelier so mood lighting is a necessity and I've neglected that over the last few years.

What I've been really trying to find is a large area rug for in here, but on a trip to HomeSense recently I found the lamps on sale for $74 and in a darker stain and the mirror on clearance for $20 so I popped them in my cart and chalked it up to good luck!

So then when we moved my oldest and most favorite sideboard of all time in here (we bought it with wedding gift money and plan to hold on to it forever!) the plan came together in a flash. Bring the lamps in here, move around the plate formation a little (which is easy and mess free thanks to using those 3M hooks that stick right on the wall) and switch out our Ikea chairs for my linen chairs.

Yes, I am aware that it is not normal to have 2 sets of dining room chairs. But depending on my mood I like the bright white Ikea chairs or this linen covered version I also bought at HomeSense a year or so back on clearance. It made a lot more sense when we had a table in the kitchen too...

Daily household items make the best decor in my book. Plates and candles can be found in abundance in our house so I might as well make the most out of them! And anything displayed in large quantities make a good impact, no matter how simple.

The table has been a project that I have been meaning to get to for about 2 years now. It seemed to constantly get smaller items set on top of it so I never made it a priority until just a couple weeks ago when Sean expressed his love of rectangular tables. I am more of a round table girl myself, but I thought it was time for a change.

I did white paint on the legs and a light grey on the top, then wore it down to show both white and wood.

Besides a rug the other item I'm trying to track down is a nice set of freeze dried boxwood plants for my cast iron urns. The trees caught (or already had) some sort of bug and didn't make it. I figure I am not destined to have live plants in this room so I am going to invest in the next best thing, formerly living shrubs.

The old captains chair has been a treasure of mine for many years, but I rarely have a spot for it since it is pretty large. The new table set needed some variety so it makes a nice addition at the end of the table.

Being able to swap out furniture at a moments notice is definitely a perk in my business, but it can be a challenge to work with something that isn't a perfect fit. This table is quite small for our big room, but the charm it has makes it a good fit. Ideally we'd like a really long farmhouse table, but we are happy to wait until the perfect one comes along at the right price.

I love that the table has a drawer too!

It has been fun pulling together a mini makeover, but something about this look is finally feeling like the right fit! So I think it may be a look that we will be living with for quite some time, even if a few of the components change out as I paint new items.

And while we're on the topic, can anyone recommend a good source for freeze dried boxwood? I've only tracked down large pieces from Restoration Hardware but they are about $200 each... a little more than I want to spend! Merci mes amis