I love you, Man!

I think he's a keeper! I was having a sluggish sort of day but these threw me right back on the sunny side. Sometimes I don't know what I enjoy more, the beauty of flowers for a few days or the fun I have picking a container and arranging them?

And speaking of arranging, I have been feverishly rearranging the dining room today. I think it is the single most rearranged room in our house. Partly because I like the light in here for shooting whiteberry photos. But also because something about it always feels just not quite there even when I've just redecorated...

So we'll see where that leads. It may be a few easy changes with items around the house, or it may escalate into a full blown re-do. I've already thrown around the idea of a new light fixture and Sean did quite the exaggerated eye roll... maybe the flowers were actually a bribe or distraction?

My favorite part of summer is that I can bring in simple clippings from the yard for some easy greenery, but by mid January that feels like a lifetime ago. At this time of year even a token fern leaf in a batch of roses does not go unnoticed and appreciated.

A couple lab beakers and an antique listerine jar get some prime real estate on the counter. At heart I really really am a simple girl. No clutter and minimal accessories make small touches that much more special.

The less glamorous but just as glorious frond.

Thanks hubs!