I don't know what has gotten into my system, but I have been making mini tweaks to pretty much everything in my life! From the dining room to some big changes happening in our bedroom I will be sharing soon, I made a small change from my natural hair color of medium brown to a dark strawberry blonde. I have been wanting to do something with my hair but didn't want to dish out the moola and go to the salon so Wren and I made a stop at Sally Beauty Supply last week and picked up some toner to do it at home.

I have had some experience with doing salon coloring at home thanks to an awesome friend who gave me the low down when she was kind enough to do it for me at her house, but it can still be intimidating once it is all slathered into your hair and before you rinse it out. Will come out orange, purple, maybe even green??? All of those thoughts run through my head each and every time!

But thankfully it turned out as planned!

For all those who have asked how my hair is so long already after chopping it all off last March (full story here), I have been both blessed and cursed with really quick growing hair. The good part is that it makes cutting my hair fun since even if I hate it short it only stays that way for about 8 months, but the bad part is that coloring my hair is a nightmare. The reason it cannot be kept up at a salon regularly is that it would cost me hundreds of dollars a month if I needed my roots touched up professionally. Hence my persistence in learning to professionally lighten at home.

I really love the color (for anyone looking to lighten at home I used a 10 volume developer with a level 7.1 ash blonde), specially because it isn't too drastic a change to need troublesome weekly touch ups.

Have you been making any big changes so far in 2012?