Mini BloGarage sale

{Candles too pretty/cute to burn}
I'm bored guys!

"when hell freezes over" is no longer a phrase I can use. It literally has. It has been unbearably cold here all week. Like the furnace has not stopped once in 4 days, skin freezes instantly outside, dogs will not go out to go potty COLD. There is not a lot I will leave the house for on days like these so I have been working on sewing a few slipcovers (almost done!) as well as browsing online for Spring clothes in an attempt to get out of the cold, at least mentally. I have made a few purchases so I am going to keep my vow of taking 1 thing out of my closet for every new thing in.

Our first blogarage sale was such a success last year that I decided to do a mini version again this year. I should have photos and purchase links up for a handful of items later today!