Three's a charm

If you have visited my instagram feed recently (inthefunlane is my username), I apologize again for the large number of lilac obsessed posts. 
I just can't help it guys!!

{Sitting on an old tarnished tray on a sunny day they almost look like they're glowing}

 I did manage to break through my lilac induced coma long enough to tackle a project that I had brewing at the back of my mind for some time. I knew this wall felt like it was lacking something. Needed something.

But I have a confession guys... I was scared! Scared to mess it up somehow, scared to commit, scared to over clutter the room. I find that I have no troubles at all getting a room 95% there. By then it really starts to look good and I can't. quite. finish. it. I am scared to take that 95% of the work and screw it all up with making a bad choice at the end. I don't want to be the lady you see walking around with every piece of jewelery on, plus a few she borrowed from a friend. But in the decorating sense, of course. 

So I usually chicken out and leave well enough alone. 

But recently those 3M removable adhesive hooks became my best friend, and now I am trying to tackle the fear yall!

{waiting patiently for something more}

This wall kind of needs something too, but the weight of the lamp and tray table are enough for me. For the time being...

See? Nothing to be scared of! I can't believe I was such a baby all these years.
I didn't want anything too overwhelming or statement-y (yeah, I like making up decorating words), just some character!

{triple threat}

The best part was it cost all of zero dollars thanks to finding an old box in the basement. I had 4 of these Michael's frames that I matted and mounted scrap book paper too from my office at our last house (holla if you are a nestie and remember when people had bios, not blogs!). So I took 2 and got to mounting some family prints I had around the house.

I also had this 3 laying around that I've had for years but that recently hasn't seen a lot of love. Problem was it wasn't adhesive hook friendly! But I came up with a fast and easy solution to easy hang items or art like this.

First I knotted some twine so that the knot was bigger than the top of the hole but smaller than the bottom at a length I liked.

Then I cut it right below the knot.

and slipped it into the opening, pulling up. Snug as a bug in a rug!

I liked the texture the twine gives, but didn't really love the visual of the adhesive hook so I simply mounted the hook under another frame.

Because white on white can be a little... um bright? I decided to mount the pictures over some of the board and batten to allow natural light and shadows to give a hint of contrast so they don't just fade into the wall.

{my all time favorite picture of Wren. Soooooo her!}

What do you think, should I add one or two over the folding table??

{ is it weird that I love how plump lilacs are? }

{ the bigger picture }

I have had a lot of emails in the past year about how we are liking/adjusting to not having an eat in kitchen and whether it was a good or bad move. I think it deserves it's own blog post in the near future where I can elaborate on it all. But the short answer is: 

{ NO regrets }